Weather Report....

80 mm of rain here in Beachmere over the last 24 hours and still a'tumbling a succession of 2.7 metre King Tides.

Tides are now falling -- currently 2.6 metres (2.1 m on Monday) but note the High Tide is around 12 midday. King John Creek is spilling over.

Current Caboolture river heights are HERE.

Club Beachmere writes:
"Coming into the storm season, The one thing these alerts don't really mention is to keep an eye on your elderly, new or young neighbours once your own house is secure. The elderly in particular may struggle to do the preparations that we would find easy, such as moving and securing outdoor furniture or putting up sandbags if they are in low lying areas.
New residents will most likely have concerns about not being able to get to (or home from) work, if you have the opportunity maybe offer some reassurance and local knowledge about which areas to watch for flood threats.
Every little action you do today, will help if or when major disasters strike.
For more information, follow the link the the MBRC website, or come to the Club and have a chat.. We will find you the right person to speak to about your concerns or queries."

Club Beachmere is our 'isolated communities hub'.