Coastcare/Landcare for Beachmere?

Anyone interested in forming a local Beachmere Landcare group?
Probably in our case it would be a Coastcare formation.
"Coastcare is a community volunteer group made up of everyday Australians who care passionately about the protection and management of our coastal and marine environments. They identify local environmental problems and work together with government, local businesses and interest groups to achieve practical, sustainable solutions."
We have a threatened shoreline and riverbank -- with mangroves, salt marshes, seagrass beds,catchments and tidal waterways in a state of decline requiring urgent guardianship and renewal.
The Landcare process has proven itself over 30 years through its commitment to sustainable land management.
Any one interested, please Contact Dave Riley  by emailing
Hopefully we can move towards a public meeting and launch early in the New Year.
What we have lost in just the last 10 years: looking south