The Vetiver Community Project, Beachmere

The Vetiver Community Project may be a novice exercise,  but the potential is awesome.
Vetiver Grass is a unique bio-engineering tool that could prevent  Deception Bay coming ashore -- more than it has -- and stealing our coastline.

Vetiver is a fast growing sterile grass with very deep roots. Resilient to drought and similar extreme conditions with a salt tolerance that should suit planting out along the local coastline and in low lying farms --  as mulch, erosion control or forage.

Research suggests that initial Vetiver plantings serve as a coloniser species  that foster the return of native flora. Since Vetiver does not self seed, there is no chance that the plant will become invasive.

I've been experimenting with Vetiver for 4 years and I'm currently running three experimental projects locally and another out west near Chinchilla.

From the POV of my research and experience -- and with reference to professional designers of the Vetiver System -- I think Vetiver has the following potential uses in our immediate region:
  • Protecting the shoreline from erosion due to the impact of storm surge, sea level rise, human foot traffic and King Tides. 
  • Consolidating the banks of flood mitigation drains that criss-cross the Caboolture River floodplain and hedging swamp areas. Similarly, firming up dam walls from erosion caused by stock access.
  • In town, serving as a ready mulch supply, specimen plant and kitchen garden push/pull tool impacting insect numbers and soil microbiology.
  • In horticulture Vetiver also serves as a windbreak  and tool to manage insects.
  • Preserving and protecting the vulnerable northern bank of the Caboolture River to encourage the return of a mangrove and Wallum riparian habitat.
The big challenge long term is supplying enough plant stock at a cost that can enable such usage. This is why the project has to be community based.
The Vetiver Community Project is a plant nursery run by Dave Riley that harvests and grows Vetiver for local community applications and use. It is based in Beachmere -- a township on Moreton Bay -- just north of Brisbane, Australia.