Coastal Project #1 : April 13th, 2019

I believe Vetiver can play a useful role in the Beachmere region.
An inexpensive alternative to sea walls with probably better bio-engineering logistics given that the roots can potentially reach 2 metres deep.
For hobby farms it can protect dam/pond banks from hoof erosion, serve as stock feed and for frequent hay/fodder harvest.
In the backyard garden, it is a free as-needed mulch harvest, wind break, with many advantages in pest management.
Along our section of the Caboolture River it could be an erosion game changer...enabling the return of native riparian species.
Ultimately, Vetiver coastal plantings could foster the return of mangroves in coastal sections where they no longer thrive -- and mangroves are our best protection against storm surge..
All hypothetical. Proven elsewhere... so locally let's see, what is possible: