Beachmere Disaster Management Team

I've been involved with this project from the getgo and it is great to announce that we are finally away and the initiative is building momentum.

While the group is currently collecting information and reconnoitering scenarios, we do hope to have the beginnings of a clear community perspective ready for the beginning of the storm season in October.

For now the main thing is to raise community awareness and the Disaster Management Team will be having a stall at the Tree Day tomorrow morning in Clayton Park(10 am and 12 noon).

One of our intentions is to generate a local SES team so if you have emergency management experience (CFA for instance) or want to sign on for that sort of community engagement & training, come talk to the team tomorrow or email the Team Leader, Brett Greer, on

And remember: please sign up with Moreton Alert. It's a communication system that will enhance our community resilience.

Here's a video explaining how and why.