School Garden: so much activity and inspiration.

Beachmere State School's Community Garden  has consolidated over the last two terms. Today's impressive harvest of salad greens, herbs, zucchini, cabbages, kale and tomatoes registered how productive the effort has been.

As well as servicing Club Beachmere Bistro and the Beach Shak Cafe with fresh , no sprays salad greens  and herbs -- the garden supplies the school tuck shop. The tuckshop's zucchini muffins   have been quite a hit. 

Produce was also distributed to the school community at  knock off. So after a  9 am harvest, all that fresh locally grown food had found a pantry home by  mid afternoon. 

This term a group of children have been  mosaic-ing pavers to go in the garden. Inspired by   the  threatened Birdwing Butterfly, the mosaics are creative explorations of  butterflies. Assisted by the local Mosaics Club the end results are stunning. 

With a pole bean cubby beginning its climb skywards, a newly planted lavender hedge, chooks pending and a sunflower circle in the offing -- the garden is  becoming  a very  special place that has offered so many opportunities to enrich the school -- as well as the wider -- community.

Everyone is surprised how productive the project has been. Everything has come together so well: the commitment and energy of the children; the dedication of the volunteers; the support of the P&C and staff.... The garden has been a great hub and excuse  for so much activity and inspiration.