School Garden: powering on.

The local State School Community Garden is proving a hub for a lot of activities. Not only is the garden being supported by  The Beach Shak Cafe and Club Beachmere Bistro, but the dynamics of the project seem to be quickening.

The children are mosaicing pavers with butterfly images and last month, the school planted out  native  vines to sustain the threatened Birdwing Butterfly. 

Coming soon will be a hive of Stingless Native Bees. ...and a chook pen is being established.

The garden supplies fresh produce to the two local hospitality outlets as well as the school tuck shop. The harvest is also integrated into special meal days at school  based on the garden harvest. 

There is another garden at the Prep School with scarecrows being made for it this week. Inspired by the successful project,  the C&K area is renovating their garden as well.

Birdwing Butterfly vine being planted out for National Tree Planting Day.
Pending are a  sunflower circle, a pole bean cubby...and our vertical garden seems to be surviving