Where's Ricky?

Where's Ricky? Can you find him?Is he hiding? Where?

A Queensland member of parliament  receives  an annual salary of $148,848. I won't mention the perks nor the gross generosity of the retirement benefits. These pollies also get allowances for staff, office admin, day to day indulgences and sundries.
Despite what you may think of any one MP's politics many are hard working and try to represent their electorate. 
And electorates are aggregates of those peeps who voted in the MP in the first place. 
Like us. In Pumicestone.
It's called democracy.
But where's Ricky? Where's the person we elected to state Parliament  only a few months ago, in January this year?
Who has seen him?
I'd think that Politics 101 for a first time member of parliament (like our Ricky) would be to get to know the people who voted you in. But has Richard (Rick) Williams -- ALP member for Pumicetone -- done that?
Has he been glad handing events? Returning calls? Mixing it with us peeps? Accepting invitations?
I'm not interested in the allegations being made against Williams in the media  -- or by the state opposition. I don't trust spin -- especially in the context of the cynical here and now of Queensland politics.
But I do believe:
  • an elected member of parliament has responsibility to his electorate.
  • that the party who nominated him -- the ALP -- is liable for any of its MP's inaction
  • and that Williams will not retain his seat at the next poll.
So folks, let's put a bomb under Williams.  (I'm being metaphorical and not terroristic).
He supposedly is working for us but seems dead in the water.
Either he shapes up or he goes. It's as simple as that. Either his party calls him to account or he resigns and we elect another.
We want him to start punching the clock.
In saying this, if the Honorable Member for Pumicetone  would like to defend himself I'm all --as I'm sure we all are --  ears.
As for the local ALP branches who shepherded Williams upon us -- comrades! what were you thinking! It may have been a tactical snap poll for sure: but elections are supposedly what you are there for.

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