The Brisbane Local Food gang visits Beachmere

The Brisbane Local Food gang visited Beachmere today to swap plants , produce and seed while reconnoiter-ing my garden. Big group it was too.

We ran out of cups but not tea bags. ...but there was plenty of bring-a-plate food.

On one section of the outback veranda was the local mosaics club... with the green thumbs at the other.

Mouse Melons
I was thinking of making it an open garden day -- for locals as well -- but we were swamped so that option will have to wait. 

BLF is a great resource for local gardeners who are keen to produce food in their environs of South East Qld.

Star of the day, aside from the delightful mouse melon hand around, was my patch's population of baby green  tree frogs. They prefer to hang out/hang on  frangipani  leaves. Now there's a tree that grows well here!