How Beachmere voted.

Here are the figures for the Community Hall voting booth in Beachmere for last Saturday's polling day. You'll find them as part of a larger table here on the QEC site.

The time and date for these  Pumicestone  figures are:
Electors at Close of Roll: 37,587
Last Updated Date/Time: 01/02/2015 04:14:48 pm
Percentage of Roll Counted:   76.20%
Some booths are yet recorded for the electorate (esp out of district votes)


WILLIAMS, Rick ALP      774  37.8%
COLLINGWOOD, Bevan             92  4.5%
O'CONNELL, Daniel GRN        100 4.89%
JOHNSON, Denis      3  0.15%
FRANCE, Lisa LNP  924 45.16%
VERRIER, Blair PUP  153 7.48%
Total Formal 2,046
Total Informal     48 2.29%
Total Votes 2,225  7.77% of Pumicestone District votes

On the Sunday, the ABC concluded its coverage with these predictions but counting for the seat continues.

ABC Prediction on Count After Preferences

Labor                         Rick Williams              13,677       52.1%
Liberal National        Lisa France                   12,572       47.9%