Local boys blogs good...

The good folk at Brisbane Local Food have kindly awarded me the 'Best Blog Award' for my online contributions through 2014.

It's not that I'm an internet Peter Cundall or savvy horticulturalist -- it's just that I can't shut up -- as I suffer and deal with one gardening challenge after another. My credit, I gather, was in exploring the use of terracotta pot irrigation and gardening on sandy soils...yoiu know, the granules that hold Beachmere above sea level.

If you are a  gardener of edibles, BLF is the site for you. A truly supportive community with a huge shared knowledge of gardening in our climate and conditions.
A network for those who grow, buy, make, sell and share local food. Because these things are improbably, yet reverberatingly important.
As for me -- I finally relented and will be hosting a BLF Open Garden Day in April.
NOTE: My own market gardening venture  -- PolyVegg - is recovering from  the drought this last year and the launch has been delayed until the next harvest period.