Beachmere Classifieds

Since this online enterprise is building momentum and a few hundred now follow/subscribe and such I thought I could add another element: classified advertisements.

What I'm thinking about is posting a classified listing once every week or so. Fortnightly may suit.

While I'm keen to promote community events around town as standalone posts, the other bits and pieces -- the lost animals, garage sales,  goods 4 sale, rooms to rent, guinea pigs seeking good home, missing grandmas, births, deaths and marriages, etc-- could be incorporated in  regular classified listings.

So if you have any items like this you want to notify the community about, just email me -- -- and I'll include them in the next classifieds post. So long as I have two items to list, the effort is worthwhile.

Photos can also be sent  as attachments or linked to and I'll see if I can add them to the post. Obviously full contact details as appropriate as per   any notice board note.

Practically I can't go chasing  followup information -- so unless you resubmit to let me know that the information is still current -- all classified will be posted just the once.

The listing will be free...

Relevant is this group on facebook: BEACHMERE Buy Swap and Sell