The Beachmere Area Network Group (aka BANG)

The Beachmere Area Network Group has been a'gathering  regularly over the past few months  for community discourses.

Last night's meetup honed in on some key areas of primary focus and we outlined a target list of projects that could enrich and sustain our local community.So if you are out and about next Saturday at the Spring Fair and someone accosts you and asks for your opinion on a list of could-be-things on a sheet of paper, that's BANG at work.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves scrutinising the list and registering your preferences...
BANG's strength is not only those who have signed onto being active in the initiative, but a supportive partnership  from such groups as the Sports Club and Club Beachmere.

If you are interested further in BANG you can contact Frank Harvey.

PS: The  image is not an official BANG logo.