Homegrown Veg for sale

I've been harvesting fresh veg from the garden for sale at tomorrow's market stall .

A lot of greenery this time. A lot of young stuff.

  • Garden Salad Mix: I harvest a selection of salad greens from what's in the garden beds; give the leaves a good wash, spin ]'em dry and pack them in zip lock bags. The harvest keeps for about a week.
  • Kale: The new 'wonder food' . My kale isn't tough like the supermarket's. Three types on offer -- three different leaves. Generous bunches.
  • Young Silverbeet/Rainbow Chard: I haven'y got much of this but these leaves are short and sweet -- not tough like the big 'uns. Also a bit of colour in the stems.
  • Warrigal Greens: The latest bush ticker craze. A great change from spinach. Parboil first and use it in any number of dishes. Goes great with rice.Mine are always succulent.One of our fav green veg.
  • Parsley: Continental type and that means taste.You always gotta have parsley. Get your quota before the Summer heat.
  • Green Beans : Good crop of my favorite, Italian Romano --a flat juicy bean with great taste -- plus some more familiar cylindricals. 
  • Young Zuchini: So young they still had their yellow flowers.Juicy short young zukes
Bunches, bags and bundles all $2 each.

Everything grown without sprays locally in town and harvested today. Everything is seasonal.
Absolute freshness. Keeps longer. No nasty chemicals. Limited handling.
Support local agriculture!
If you can't make the markets tomorrow -- Saturday 7-12, Clayton Park -- or I run out from the stall -- either phone me on 0499728372 or email me at ratbagradio@gmail.com.  If you order $10 or more dollars worth I'll home deliver the produce if you are in town. Delivery by arrangement assuming I have the veg to harvest.Please specify preferred time with address.
  • I also have some lemon grass, some coriander and some harvestable rosemary.
  • Coming soon: potted up herb and vegetable  seedlings.
  • Orders for vegetable and seedlings preferences taken so long as in season.
  • I also have some simply gorgeous new potatoes in  the ground ready for harvest and could be prevailed upon to do so at the right price...but you'd be taken the food out of my watering mouth.