Open Vegetable Patch Garden Day: Saturday, August 16th

As an extension of my 'market gardening' activities, there will be an Open Garden Day  at my house -- 16 Lalroy Street (between James St and Moreton Tce)-- next Saturday, August 16th9am - 12 midday.

Drop by. I'll show you the garden if you want to take the tour and we can talk about soil. Mine is a veg patch built entirely on Beachmere sand.

No sprays greens, salad vegetables, some herbs ...and whatever else is harvestable -- will be for sale -- All produce picked that morning.

You can't get anything fresher than that!

  • COMMUNITY GARDEN:For those interested in  creating a local  community garden , there will be some info on offer about that perspective. Drop by around 10am for a chat and a think through.
  • FRESH PRODUCE: If you want to be part of my produce network, please flag your interest so that I can begin to grow to local demand.
  • MARKET GARDEN ROUTINE: My plan is to offer freshly harvested, locally grown produce for sale  every fortnight-- (1) at the monthly Beachmere Community Markets and (2) a fortnight later at regular Saturday market days at my house (plus other times on request per personal orders).

The challenge is seeing what I can do by trial and error towards growing produce that people want to eat...and through the networking see if we can create something more extensive and community driven.

General price: still just $2 per bunch or bundle. Mixes negotiable.