August 08, 2014

Community Meeting: rough report - speakers platform

The August 7th Beachmere Community meeting  was chaired by Frank Harvey.The meeting proceeded this way:

Di Ohlsen presented an overview of the draft plan...with on screen/powerpoint assistance. Steve Keeping  reported on a meeting with council representatives held on August 6th at the Beachmere Activities Centre. Steve Termont-Schenk,Beachmere resident and civil engineer, reported on a meeting with council on July 30th and explained the submission process and flagged the generic letterLisa France, local MP,  addressed the argy bargying between state government and local council and circulated correspondance between the deputy premier and MBRC mayor Allan Sutherland.

It was also pointed out that in attendance on the platform were two representatives from state government:

  • Adam Yem:Policy Advisor - Office of the Deputy Premier - Queensland Government
  • James Coutts: Executive Director, Planning Services -Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
Related: Caboolture News coverage of the issue.Note worthy quotes, esp from mayor:
EARLIER in the week, MBRC Mayor Allan Sutherland and planning and development spokesman Mick Gillam said the flood mapping would not change significantly but they would study the submissions and consider zoning changes.
"The mapping is what it is: We can't go about there changing the mapping that is statistically correct," Cr Sutherland said.


  1. I note that Alan Sutherland has recently made the following comments in an attempt to justify MBRC's re-zoning plans. "We've got to learn from the lessons of Dale St (flood-prone Burpengary street
    costing the council, state and federal governments $5.8 million to fix)."

    That is a ridiculous statement to make. The situation with Dale Street, Burpengary is well known and documented, and there has certainly been major and devastating flooding issues there on numerous occasions. It has been a problem area for very many years.

    However its situation is totally different to that of the Beachmere and the other coastal communities where there is absolutely zero historical record of flooding. But it makes me wonder if we
    are now getting to the truth of the matter. i.e. it has nothing to do with the welfare of the residents at all – it’s all about litigation and them protecting their arses.

    I also take exception to “"The mapping is what it is: We can't go about there changing the mapping that is statistically correct," Most of the areas to be zoned high risk do not have any
    historical flooding occurrences , therefore their Flood Hazard Map is based on
    statistical risk analysis, and this is a variable and can be made to
    be whatever you want it to be by choosing the statistics you need to use in the
    analysis. There is no such thing as “statistically correct”. Looks like an episode of "Yes Prime Minister".

  2. Yes. Its primary focus is to protect the council from the communities it supposedly represents...and to do so with keen arrogance and disdain for how much of our lives are invested in our properties.