Beachmere Area Network Group

The Inaugural  meeting of the Beachmere Area Network Group was held at the Sports Club on Tuesday, July 22nd.

Attendants were drawn from a wide range of Beachmere community groups and enterprises.

... the overall expectation is for this group to support each other in achieving outcomes for Beachmere community. It was acknowledged that success in funding (be it for grants, sponsorship and general financial support) is better if a consolidated approach is adopted.
For further information on the initiative, contact Frank Harvey .

It is envisaged that the group would:
• identify how we can support/assist one another in meeting the demands/desires of the community • meet at suitable/consultative intervals • consist of government and community group leaders/representatives • address issues such as Health, Education, Sport, Infrastructure, Social Services, Employment • strive to enhance the lifestyle of Beachmere residents