July 21, 2014

New Draft Moreton Bay Regional Planning Scheme is now available for scrutiny (albeit briefly)

Not that you'd necessarily know it but the new Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme is now available for scrutiny.

You have to go here to the draft mapping to gather the zone-ing layout, then zoom in big time to  focus on the Beachmere region. Only by getting up real close to the map do you get the detail.
Use the + symbol to get in close.

The Council’s draft planning scheme is on public display until August 15th.

Did you know that?

  • Limited Development Zone comprises land known to be affected by unacceptable flood, storm tide or erosion risk. A small range of uses are expected in the zone, including: outdoor sport and recreation permanent plantation park. All land in the Limited development (constrained land) zone is contained in 1 of 2 precincts with the following intent: Extremely high risk precinct - prevent any further development including the replacement of any structure or building. High risk precinct - limit the intensification of uses, but allow replacement of existing structures.
  • The term 'coastal village' which covers much of  the Beachmere  residential area  is not directly defined  but a table suggests its allowed occupancy:

Anyone who has more information about this scheme i s encouraged to add further detail in Comments below. If you do please also include any links  and references to back up your assertions.

Any hearsay  will be disallowed and deleted.

Update: July 22:
The current zoning map is here... I think -- and I have linked to the tide maps on the top page of this blog for some time. That link: Tide maps.

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  1. So, Limited Development which seems to cover just about the whole of Beachmere which council now determines is High Risk, means e.g. I cannot make any improvements or extensions to my house. This is not good. This is ridiculous. Talk about a knee jerk reaction to fear of global warming. More likely a case of council trying to eliminate any chance of litigation in the future. Property values will plummet. We bought a beachfront property with our eyes open and fully aware of the miniscule risk of damage from possible sea rise in many years to come. Been here 10 years and absolutely no change. Council will have one hell of a fight on their hands if they think they are going pull this one off. Lot of angry people in Beachmere right now.