Spanakorizo -- bush tucker style Greek spinach & rice using Warrigal Greens

I was talking about the joys of Warrigal Greens which grow locally along the shoreline here , and will grow in our gardens easily...Nice ground cover.

Easy to prepare, so long as you parboil them. 

For a right royal feed try Spanakorizo -- which is the way the Greeks do spinach with rice. There is also a Turkish variation which uses less rice than the Greeks do.

There are any number of recipe tweaks for this dish, but I use the Warrigal Greens (parboiled first), any herb, spring onions, a couple of chopped tomatoes... and rice (which I like to pre-soak for 30 minutes).You can also add some minced meat if you like. The Warrigal Greens are not as sharp tasting as Spinach or Silver Beet so everything sits nicely together.

For something that will grow out of neglect in the sands of Beachmere it makes for pretty good tucker, that even children will eat. 

Since I've got the seeds and such anyone who wants some seedlings should get in touch and I'll grow you up some. 

They are slow to start from seed though so a wait is involved.