Meet and greet, go home and eat...

I'll be running a stall at the local community markets tomorrow -- Saturday June 7th, 7-12 am .

I'm keen to promote some projects -- this site for instance -- and I'll be selling some locally grown/home grown produce.

Not a bountiful harvest but enough  for a  feed flavouring or two:
Chokoes, Sweet potato greens, chives, rosemary, lemons, Warrigal Greens, Marjoram, Lemon Grass, Sweetleaf/Katuk....I just really did a quick run-around and snippity snip.
If you have home grown surplus, bring the produce down and I'll try to sell-- or simply distribute --  the foodstuffs for you.

I'll plan the next months gardening with marketing in mind. 

All local, home grown, no sprays. (I can't say 'organic' as that's a certification issue). All grown on/in/upon good Beachmere sand  mulched big time 
I'll also have info about the new local dance project -- Fridays in the park: I'll have music and maybe show a few steps...