'Locally Grown' group meetup. June 14th

Anyone interested in establishing a locally grown group engineered around home grown fruit and veg is invited to 16 Lalroy St for a meetup , next Saturday, June 14th,  at 10 am.

The working proposition is for local backyard gardeners to link up, touch base and distribute surplus produce  and seedlings from a regular stall at the monthly community markets. Income is either returned to the grower or, if desired, donated to local community projects.

Some folks have suggested a 'community garden' initiative but in our local conditions that's a hard call without direct patronage, access to communal land, a secured water resource, and insurance. I'm informed that even Bribie Island has not been able to carry through such a project. But swapping seeds and seedlings, visiting one another's gardens and pursuing a sort of urban farming template may indeed be within our reach, especially with our own markets in the calendar mix.

There are also  variations such as garden sharing by  tapping into the resource of Beachmere's large suburban blocks and already existing spear pump installations. Although we live primarily on sterile sand, around us are manure harvests. We also have access to a ready supply of inexpensive seedlings through Caboolture Markets' nursery suppliers.

All rather opportune, really.

Those who don't have gardens can possibly hobby volunteer in the gardens of those who do, and while we cannot promise certifiable organic produce, locally grown fruit and veg is sure to be without sprays or very lightly tainted (compared to supermarket produce). 'Locally grown' also means that specific  vegetables and herbs  could be grown on request, via a monthly turn around...or locals could drop by domestic gardens to pick up their options.

Another advantage with a regular stall is the contact and communication it  offers such that we could help promote local community events,  showcase local arts and crafts and sponsor other connections.

If you are interested and can't front on Saturday, send Dave Riley an email registering your attention.