Local bush tucker: warrigal greens

Any time I go for a stroll along the foreshore here I  can step over New Zealand Spinach -- Warrigal Greens -- rambling among the mangroves and sheoaks.

It's a Pacific Ocean native.

It is disconcerting that this weedy looking plant should be such a taste thrill. Better eating in my estimation than either Silver Beet or Spinach.

You have to parboil it first to leach out the oxalates -- but as dense on-plate greenery goes the effort is worth the culinary exertion.

Since it grows along the shore of Deception Bay it will certainly grow in your garden. It makes an effective ground cover.

Seedlings can be bought from the Caboolture markets on Sundays. Growing from  seed can be tricky.

It grows in the off-leash dog park at the end of Biggs Ave but aside from the conservation issue, dog pee is not a popular salad dressing so local harvest is not recommended.

Warrigal Greens at Pt lookout (Source:Swampdog)