Disaster Management: Club Beachmere to become Isolated Community Neighborhood Centre

At a community meeting on April 8th Susan Trapatt, Moreton Bay Engagement and Training Coordinator, outlined a disaster management plan for Beachmere. Also leading  the discussion was Sergeant Peter Thompson from Caboolture  Police.

While Beachmere has suffered over the past few years from Bushfire, Storm Surge, and Floods, 'disaster' can take many forms. Trapatt argued that communities need to be prepared in order to be resilient. 

Because we do get 'cut off' when the Caboolture river floods, Beachmere is prone to isolation, maybe even for days. As part of the Council's Disaster Management Plan, Club Beachmere  will now serve as an Isolated Community Neighborhood Centre which will be liaised with and serviced in the case of a disaster event. 

As a source of information, internet access, communication, electricity in case of a local power failure, etc Club Beachmere will be resourced by Council and emergency services and  function as our community centre if  our township becomes isolated.

Reliable information (such as river  heights and weather reports) can be obtained from links listed in the margin to your right, but there are some key resources you can access in order to prepare your household  for any eventuality of a disaster: