New Bus Timetable: Beachmere loses a scheduled service

The new bus timetables for Route 652 -- Caboolture/Beachmere --are now available online from here (pdf).

The service remains the same with some minor schedule tweaks you'll need to study, but we lose the 7pm service from Caboolture Station.

The last bus into Beachmere on a week day now leaves at 6.01 pm. 

So folks you can't dawdle on the way home. 

There is no Sunday service as per the denial norm and you can't stay out late on Saturdays either as the last bus in leaves the station at 4.51.

The mid afternoon service gap also remains: if you miss the 1.51 pm bus you are stuck in Caboolture waiting an hour and a half for the 3.24pm service to arrive. 

So we have lost again. Not only has the service remained as bad as it has been (encouraging less patronage) but it has got worse.

652Caboolture station to BeachmereHours of operation on this route will be reduced during the week and over weekends due to low demand. Resources will be redirected across the network to better match customer demand.