Community Profiles Project

I have been generating a local community online resource and hard copy 'what's on' presence. Now that my recent malady has passed I'm now back at my editor and publisher's desk.

Having been ' a local resident' now for all of 3 years (come next week) I hope I have learnt to be considerate of neighborhood  protocols. 

If I haven't learnt my p's and q's by now I'm sure I'm gonna find out.

With around 3,800 in our patch -- give or take a pelican or two -- and separated from  the other Brisbane burbs by sea and flood plane we are sort of midway between town and country, city and regional.

Unfortunately my camera recently died -- just as I was set to begin a series of community profiles in comic strip format. But once I get myself another instrument I'll start the project given that my past work as a community artist is a good background for such a project.

My perspective is a series of profiles of community groups and enterprises ( and maybe individuals)  generated in my preferred comic strip/gallery format.

With Camera in hand --plus audio recording device -- the drill is to collect enough material to remake as online copy profiling said targets.

A bit of history and anecdote..and  we've got ourselves  captured in outline. 

You'll know what I mean just as soon as I get the first one together.

I just have to decide who it will focus on....