Photo Gallery: History

Source: Moreton Bay Region Libraries
Another element I'm keen to foster here are photo galleries.If anyone has any photos of Beachmere they'd like to share -- especially images from the past -- please let me know and we can arrange to scan and upload them for sharing online. 
The aerial images here are undated, but they suggest that the local landscape keeps changing, especially as the town grows.
I'm thinking we'd also run another gallery dedicated to landscape images and arty shots taken around the region.

Similarly if you shoot photographs of your community event, they too can be posted here. 

Source: Moreton Bay Region Libraries
Either email any digital images to me or ring me on 33331805  if they are on paper so that we can scan them. I won't necessarily use all images I receive. Please supply your name as source of the image. 
Source: Moreton Bay Region Libraries

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