First edition of printed events calendar out this week!

Maybe not as neat as I'd like but the first edition of the printed  events calendar will be distributed around town this week.

This is a pilot edition -- an exercise in generating feedback and garnering support. I assume the  value of it all is self evident.
Click on above images for enlarged view.

The hope is that if there are willing distributors  among the town's businesses and community groups. Once underway, the primary task will be to update the listings with new editions as required. 

The calendar is not intended as a regular publication but an approximate routine could see new editions printed every 6-8 weeks

It is a truism of printing in the digital age that  publishing is easy but distribution is hard.


Hopefully  ASAP we can purchase plastic holders (example pictured left above) to display each edition on bench tops.

For now there are no online costs...and while there isn't a photo copier at our free disposal there are a few options available that should ensure that printing remains free.(Touch wood and keyboard).

Any costs may/could be covered by asking for donations of materials such as copy paper, ink or display holders. 

And that's that: the game plan. If people keenly relate to the project then no doubt many options may present themselves. We're trying to straddle the online/offline divide with an accessible publishing package while recognising that print media isn't where it's all at today.
In case anyone is wondering:'what about paid advertising?' The answer is no. We should be able to publish  cheaply enough so we can always offer online and offline for free. 
We'll see  what impression this initial publication makes then bring out a new edition -- with  a larger print run -- for September/October.

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