Newsletter update...

It looks like I'll need to put in a bit of leg work to generate the sort of local events calendar I had in mind for the  Beachmere site.

I have begun  the online process by listing events in an easily accessible Events/Calendar page  I'll keep updating.

I'm also accumulating working links for the township's community groups, services and facilities. En route I'll work out a way to lay this out so it's user friendly and the site is more useful both to visitors and residents. 

But for now, I don't have enough in the way of copy to warrant a print out of a calendar. By the end of this week coming maybe I'll accumulate enough material to be able to publish an initial hard copy  newsletter which I can begin to show around that I can tell people, "this is what I mean. What do you think?"

My working criteria for an event to be listed is that I receive the event information in written form either via email or handed in at 16 Lalroy St.

I'm thinking that a hard copy calendar is distributed while most articles, reports and such are published  online as part of the website. 

So please promote this free -- not-for-profit -- service among your networks. 

Make sure your check the information published online and please supply me with any corrections, more details and updates.