Mullet Run

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"On 16 July, at a sandy point east of the mouth of Moreton Bay — Flinders’s Point Skirmish, still so named, on the southern tip of Bribie Island[42] — Flinders and Bungaree conversed “by signs” with several apparently unarmed local men. Bungaree went ashore, also unarmed, and engaged in the first of several exchanges — his yarn belt for a kangaroo fur band — by which both parties presumably sought to establish, maintain or develop a relationship. Bungaree was the key figure in these transactions. Flinders eventually landed, armed against “treachery” with a musket, but his own efforts at exchange failed when he refused to give up his cabbage-tree hat on demand. As Flinders and Bungaree retreated to the boat, crowded from behind by the men, one tried good-humouredly to take the hat by ruse but failed. The situation then deteriorated. Firewood was thrown at the boat, fell short, and was “treated as a joke” but one man hurled a spear, which narrowly missed. Alarmed, Flinders shot at “the offender” and continued to do so through two misfires until he finally wounded him. Another man was reportedly shot in the arm by a seaman and the Aborigines fled."  (ref)