A Local Newsletter/Calendar project

Button hole me if you see me around
town. I wear a porkpie hat and ride
a kick scooter . I'm often out and
about with 2 terriers.
Beachmere, this website,  hosts  my occasional  comments on living in the township and its environs. I've always planned to post more stuff and have had plans for a mixture of profiles and reportage  that may better  reflect the local community rather than just my own experience of living here.

Recently I realised that what the town needed was a  hard copy newsletter that at least offered an updating list of local events. There  used to be a town newspaper, I'm told, but that is no longer with us.

So when I began to consider this option and discuss it with folk who had  a similar idea, the way this could be done became clearer.

This site has the good fortune that it ranks high on any Google search  for the word 'Beachmere' so it would be a silly act to not utilize the site's status in any newsletter project. Since I own some skills in website design and layout the logic begins to make a lot of sense.

So here's what I've worked out so far.
  • I going to spend more effort in posting to this site and renovate it  some more. I'll make it more useful with more easily accessible local information.
  • I'll begin to also post event listings here and offer a means for folk to subscribe to this service. You wanna know what's on in town? Come here ( or subscribe) and check out the calendar.
  • I'll also  start producing an occasional calendar newsletter which could be accessed and downloaded here but which I'll also print off for local distribution.
  • As far as I'm concerned if you are organising a local event, I'll list it. I may change this open policy but it isn't as though there is too much on. Our collective problem is that we don't always know what's on when and where-- and when you organise an event, promoting it can be so frustrating.
  •  The early print runs of the calendar will be small and I'll negotiate with local venues to see if they'll take a few for counter top distribution. The hard copy will be one A4 sheet printed both sides and folded brochure style. The places that accept the newsletter for distribution will be promoted as 'sponsors' of the project. 
  • I know that I may have a few folk to interview about this project in order to incorporate what may be their very busy calendar of events targeted at their own community  but I'm thinking that I'll start doing the  proselytizing now and see what sort of response I get.  And besides, I don't want to be schematic.
  • As part of this process I'll incorporate a form on this site where folk can  enter the details for their event but I'll also accept written details.
  • While I'd utilize the hard copy newsletter as an events calendar, I hope to enrich the website with more community content.
So if you are interested ( have a calendar item or want to offer a distribution venue) ,  contact me, Dave Riley: on 07 33331805 or email me.

I'll post soon about how I progress with this project.