Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald Comes Ashore at Beachmere

Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald came down the Queensland coast and in the northern sections of Moreton Bay pushed high tides inland in a surge driven by 40 knot winds to inundate homes in its path. 

This video captured the experience of that tidal surge at Beachmere  on January 27th.

Flooding occurred along Biggs Avenue and on properties along the shoreline.

Now I know what a storm tide looks like under conditions of a 2.4 m high tide driven ashore by a cyclonic style depression and 40 knot gusts. In these days of Global Warming and Sea Rise these things are of more than passing interest. It's also very social -- watching such a tide come ashore. It's community thrill and concern. It breeds traffic jams, and every 5 minutes something new happens as the fluidy onrush consolidates and the water rinses your feet before rising above your ankles.