Beachmere Burns

FIRE! We're on fire!

Just came back from my evening ramble. Both the IGA and the Tavern have been evacuated because of a bushfire.

When I left to take the dogs out there was a fire to the West driven by stiff northerlies. By the time I'd walked the tidal flats (great big red sunset framed by smoke I thought ) it had swung towards us cutting the main road out and cloaking the whole town in thick
 smoke. I am being 'smoked' as I write.


Fortunately I'm not asthmatic...but I came home to close the windows nonetheless.

I assume, given the wind, that the fire front would move south and threaten the small community at Bakers Flat but looking down the main road out of town (framed now by fire trucks and police lights) pyro activity is closer than I prefer. I was talking to one of the Tavern barmaids on the roadside and she said that when they were evacuated you could see the flames along the roadside to the west.

We may lose electricity if the lines are burnt out ...but I hope it doesn't encroach on the township and burn some homes. The poor bastards at outlying farms must be really concerned about their livestock and property, because I don't see an easy quick evacuation route for the animals as I know how much was involved in pulling them out of the last big flood.

Nonetheless, on the tidal flats before all this set in -- the woman who works in one of the town shops  was having vodka mixers with her girl friends at a picnic table, four 8'ish year old girls were gambolling in the shallow waters squealing as is their want (sleepover); and a gang of 20 or more youngsters were kicking the waters and playing 'cause there was a young'uns party tonight at one of the beach side homes.Out to sea, maybe three quarters of a kilometer out? -- a seemingly drunk or mad guy was abusing the waves in a loud voice for reasons I suspect may have a little to do with the fact that he could not emerse himself in the ever - so -shallow waters.

The morning after...the night before

Fortunately the wind died down over night. This morning the extent of the blaze is evident north and west of town with flames still licking at the houses near the child care centre. If the wind doesn't swing further around to the west, the fire front may move further south and consume the scrub near Bakers Flat -- although the community  there could be under threat if the blaize spreads.

The fire jumped Beachmere Rd over night and that is now the main locus of concern as it consumes the scrub on the town's western boundary.

Anecdotes suggest that a few houses may have been singed and that a new front has opened along Wallace Rd , two kilometre to the west As it was, the fire consumed pine and sheoak scrub along Beachmere Rd directly opposite the shopping centre and the fire front there extends northwards for a few kilometres past the retirement village.

There has been talk of house damage but nothing definite. 

Source Unknown...