SoulSteppers Urban Soul Line Dance starts October 19th

Around town on shop walls and tables are flyers publicizing the new Soul Line Dance sessions that begin next Wednesday, October 19th, from 6.30pm at the Community Hall in Progress Avenue (map).

I'll be hosting these sessions as SoulSteppers is a project of mine.

Soul Line Dancing is also known as "urban line dancing" or "R&B line dancing", "soul" line dance clubs are different from the majority of country style line dance clubs in that the music is mainly "R&B/soul music" and the terminology is different. In the USA, Soul Line Dancing is popular among African-Americans and has a strong following in cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Houston. Essentially Soul Line Dance is a continuation of Disco and has developed independently of country line dance traditions.
Of course I am biased but then I love this stuff: I love the music. I love the way that these routines are so accessible even for a person such as myself  who had no dance background whatsoever before tacking the steps. I love the way this music appeals to all age groups. I love the way that new choreography is constantly being created within the Soul Line Dance community from songs old and new. I love the way it is freely shared by video record. I love the way each group changes the steps to suit themselves. I love that  it isn't regimented drill nor obsessive exercise. I love the relaxed nature of the learning. I love that it isn't about performing so much as having a good time.

I teach it -- not because I'm a great dancer or a hot shot choreographer-- but because no one else does. 

So come along and enjoy yourself on your feets next Wednesday and every Wednesday, evening.