Bribie Island: Buckley's Hole/Red Beach

We spent another morning walking Bribie Island. This time out, along the  shoreline at Red Beach and Buckley's Hole. This stretch of coast forms the northern entrance to Moreton Bay. Across the water lies Moreton Island and offshore, the large sandbanks: Middle Banks, Central Banks and Western Banks upon which the surging waters break.  

There's a lot of water activism between the two islands.

At  Red Beach walking east toward Skirmish Point -- Bribie's heel -- looking south you get a broad view of the Bay with the Redcliffe Peninsular, Deception  Bay  and the sand hills of Moreton island making up the vista. You can see the skyline of Brisbane 45 km away and to the east the massive sand hills of Moreton island, 16 kilometres away, form the eastern horizon.

Great place for a dog walk and Red Beach has to be the best 'off leash' option in the region.

Buckley's Hole is an amazing phenomenon -- a fresh water lagoon with water lilies -- separated from the entrance to Pumicestone Passage by a strip of sand.
Red Beach: looking south east toward Moreton Island
Malaleucas at Red Beach
Buckley's Hole


Visiting Bribie -- despite weekend traffic congestion on the bridge -- offers the bonus that near the Beachmere turnoff on the Bribie Island Road you can buy fresh fish and shellfish from  the roadside. The refrigerated truck outlet distributes the catch from the trawlers that anchor on the Caboolture River, along the Beachmere Road,  just west of  King John Creek.  

But today the word was that the water is too cold to catch  Bay Prawns.

Also on Bribie, the locally farmed oysters, Toorbul Point Oysters (5/9 Armitage Street), may be small but they are very sweet and delicious.There has been a long history of oyster farming on Bribie Island. The indigenous Kabi Gubbi Gubbi people relied on oysters as a food staple and there are important midden sites along the shoreline.