Visiting the hinterland: the Glasshouse Mountains

A day out north of Beachmere to the Glasshouse Mountains -- volcanic plugs that dominate the profile of the whole region. Footed it today around the Trachyte Circuit at the base of Mt Tibrogargan .
Mount Tibrogargan is one of the many mountains in the Glass House Mountains National Park, north-northwest of Brisbane, Australia. It is a volcanic plug of hard alkali rhyolite that squeezed up into the vents of an ancient volcano 27 million years ago.
Tibrogargan is one of the most easily recognised mountains in South East Queensland, bearing some resemblance to a gorilla or old man hunched over. .. The name Tibrogargan comes from the Undanbi words chibur flying squirrel and kaiyathin biting .ref

The headwaters of Tibrogradan Creek which feeds Beerburrim Creek that flows into Pumicestone Passage . 
Banksia spinulosa (above) in bloom like so many candles along the track. There were also plenty of  Banksia serrata but these had passed their blooming glory. In places the spread of spinulosa turned the area into a sort of open air cathedral with devotional offerings to Nature in a frenzy of tapers stretching off into the distance.