North of town: wetlands

I last described the environment north of the Beachmere township where the coast meets the seagrass beds near the mouth of Pumicestone Passage. Its wetlands richness is suggested by these photographs. 

With a lake running parallel to the coast  ( fed both by a natural spring and tides) the coastal sand dunes and mud flats support a rich mix of flora and fauna.
In later posts I will consider the seagrass question as it relates to this area -- see map, right -- as I do more research on the topic.The green bit above the 'Deception Bay' label is the region reflected in these photographs.

Black swans on lake 

The lake runs north south parallel to the shore

Deception Bay shoreline at low  tide -- looking south

Lake inlet

Mangroves at low tide

Mangroves: aerial roots. aplenty.

Mixed vegetation skirting the lake 

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The green blocks to the north of the 'A' is a sand mine. The dark sliver is the lake but you can see how narrow and contained is the small parcel of wetland surrounding it.