Autumn wade in clear sea water

With the onset of the Autumnish days , the wind drops and the water is less habited to the murkiness which comes with hosting the animal and vegetable mating of Summer. So the coastal waters clear and for once you can wade and see the sandy bottom below your feet. 

You can see the sand crabs, the stingrays and the fish rather than wading through grey pea soup and wondering wether the next stingray is below your tootsies. 

On the outgoing tide, it's the baby rays you'll come upon --- juvenile rays and skates -- and side traveling sand crabs pulling themselves left or right.

The underwater activity  --  so long hidden in the murk except for  jumping mullet and the backs of diving stingrays breaking the surface of the water -- is much more than I expected. 

And with the stillness and days' coolness, it is easier to follow your preferred tide around the clock. 

In one day, wading south along the swamp coast, I saw more marine life than I have before. Close in activity in less than 30 cm of water. Farther out, who knows? 

Time to get boating....