River and deluge

Since most of Queensland is drowning at the moment it is a nice  to come home to Beachmere which is not under water.

Oh the joys of living on sand all the way down!
Boarded by  the sea and the Caboolture River to the east and south,  the two roads in will become inundated as the bitumen is low lying, especially on Beachmere Rd to the west where the route skirts the Caboolture River (images left: Caboolture River --High High Tide January 4th).

Inundation of surrounding farmland will always happen during a  high high tide anyway and when there's a lot of water coming down from the catchment that will cause the river and King John Creek  to spill its banks even more. 

So the river can be voluminous with or without the rain and getting cut off does happen.

But the sands of Beachmere  don't hold onto the wet. The swampland may brim up but underfoot for most of the township, soon after every shower or torrential downfall  there's no puddle to muddy your shoes.

Drains away down into the water table. 

So Beachmere is 'drier' than most of the surrounding area regardless of the wet weather.

So much water around but  not much to show for it  the next morning.