Flood options: The tides at Beachmere

Everyone who lives here knows that Beachmere is married to the tides. They rise and fall to determine how much land we have and sometimes if we can get in and out of town.

So a high high tide running up against any flood coming down  the Caboolture River and King John's Creek  is very relevant to how much water flows towards us from the river.

If you are worried about this issue -- and you should be -- bookmark the tide chart for Beachmere which can be found here.

You'll see that the tides don't begin to pick up in volume until next Sunday, January 16th when they begin to rise to 2.1 and then to 2.3 metres --when today they are at 1.8 metres and drop to 1.6 metres on Friday...before rising again.

The major problem with the  recent high tides seemed to be that with them the strong easterly winds, driving waves and rainfall undermined  sections of the foreshore along the bay. But that is occurrence independent of any flooding issues (although the easterlies are going to drive more sea water towards us I'd assume).

The river at Trinity Waters Tuesday January 11th   at 5pm