Evacuations: Caboolture. Road closures: Beachmere.

Since the weather conditions are worsening news to hand suggests that people are being evacuated from low lying areas in the local catchments from Caboolture and Strathpine.

People are receiving an automatic flood warning via phone . So take the call.

However,  for up-to-date local information - the Moreton Council web site is very slow to load but the key document on road closures  can be downloaded here.  It carries updated reports on a regular basis (eg: 9am/12MD, etc)and I assume the file is replaced at each update.

Queensland Police Service Caboolture is isolated, so evacuation out of town by car is impossible. Those in low lying areas who can do so should move to higher ground, or prepare for rising water.

Queensland Police ServiceQueensland Police Service Low lying areas of Strathpine are currently being evacuated due to the ongoing flooding emergency. Water is expected to exceed levels of the 1974 floods. If you know your house went under during the ’74 floods, we advise you to leave your home immediately and seek shelter at higher ground. #thebigwet #qldfloods