Beachmere access roads closed overnight

With over 200 mm of rain falling over the past 24 hours the roads into Beachmere were closed overnight.

The Bribie Island Road accessed through the north of town was closed last night at around 10 pm when King Johns Creek spilled its banks and this morning -- despite the low tide -- the main road to Caboolture was closed at the marina bend in the Caboolture River and 500 metres west of King Johns Creek Bridge.

A northern road may have been open this morning via a detour through Toorbul and much commuter traffic after trying to exit west  streamed north  bumper to bumper.

Good luck gang. Hope you can get back in if you can get out.

Given that there is more to flow through the King John's catchment maybe road conditions will worsen despite the easing off of the rain this morning.

It was nice to see the IGA delivery truck arrive this morning from the north so local supplies of some groceries  will be topped up if we are to be cut off for hours on end.

While the surrounding farmland may be drowning --and graziers are moving their stock in horse floats already to higher ground elsewhere --  Beachmere looks like its coming out of any old Summer shower. The only major damage is along the foreshore where the strong winds have driven waves against  the sea wall and sections have been eroded and collapsed.

After the flood situation has registered on the local consciousness, the bakery is out of bread and the supermarket is without milk after panic buy ups this morning.

A few local businesses  are closed because the workers couldn't get into work this morning.