A day out at Beachmere

We visited Beachmere to reconnoitre the real estate and show the nippers the lie of the land. This gave us the opportunity to walk along the beach north of the Bowls Club accessed from MacGregor Terrace.  Despite the strong and very dry  South Westerly, along the shoreline we were sheltered  and there was a Summery effervescence about the beach with its white sand and clear waters. It may have  been high tide when we arrived but there was a a beach nonetheless  -- houses to the sands edge (left of figures above))and then to the east (right) -- Moreton Bay stretches all the way to Bribie and Moreton islands.

It was a surprise as I thought sand at high tide was going to be always  inundated.

We watched some small Sand Whiting in the shallows and further along folk were fishing no doubt for bigger examples of the Summer Whiting. 

The sign on the beach said simply "No dogs." An absurd sign.  I spoke to one local walking his dog along the beach-- 'been here 8 years, mate "-- and he reckoned everyone ignores it. I'm sure.

A beach without dogs! How nanny like is that? Signage without authorisation.  Beach Nazis...

Leashes fine. Poop collection fine.(We bought home our own doggy bag of it) But no canines? -- be dammed! Just north at Toorbull on Pumicestone Passage you need to leash your dogs because the place is over run by kangaroos -- we're talking front yard, main street, everywhere roos --  but even there dogs are kosher so long as they're leashed. 

What's with these Beachmere sign makers?