It's Beachmere

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The ongoing discourse here about shifting house to hither and then to yon has arrived at some resolution and his nibs -- c'est moi -- and his mate have contracted to buy a house in Beachmere ( long as we can sell the one we have now).

"Beachmere," you may ask,"where the hell is that?"

Beachmere is a distant suburb of Brisbane -- some 55 kilometres by road from the Brisbane CBD. It's a fishing village at the mouth of the Caboolture River and boasts the essential fishers' hardware: a boat ramp.

It has a caravan park(a rare thing indeed!) and a motel but really isn't touristy as most vacationists prefer the metro style of Bribie Island and the Sunshine Coast further north. It's a backwater with its own back water -- a few lakes that have been newsy because all the fish in them died in one foul swoop recently. (Google Beachmere and most of what you'll get is dead fish from a toxic algae bloom.)

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Why Beachmere?


10 minutes -- 12.5 km --   from Caboolture and its railway station. But...buses stop visiting Beachmere after 5.30pm weeknights.Four trips in the AM/ four trips in the PM.

Very flat. Great cycling/scootering country. You have to drive alongside goat  and horse farms just to get there on the one road in. While there are a few million dollar plus properties on the water's edge, it's more or less an Anglo Celt fishing  working class enclave: crab pots and tinnies with retired trawlers.

Since we are rooted in the mud and mangroves of Nudgee Beach. and remain preoccupied with the cultural substance of Cribb Island (extinct -- now buried under Brisbane Airport) -- Beachmere is in like mode.